Bishop James Barley

Bishop James A. Barley is the Senior Pastor of the Tried Stone Church of Christ, which is located on Capitol Hill in the Southeast Quadrant of the Nation’s Capital. Bishop Barley was appointed Pastor the Tried Stone Church of Christ in 1998 where he is deeply involved in providing for the spiritual life of its people.

Bishop James Barley was born in Washington, DC to the proud parents of Charlie and Mary Barley. He is the fourth child of five other siblings. Bishop Barley was raised from birth as a member of the Tried Stone Church of Christ. Bishop Barley was baptized at the age of ten and was filled with the Holy Ghost at the age twelve. He dedicated his life to the Lord Jesus Christ from that day. Bishop Barley was called to the ministry at the age of fifteen.

During his tenure as a member of Tried Stone up to the appointed time of his own ministry, Bishop Barley has held many positions in the body of Christ that would prove to be further preparation for his ultimate calling as a Pastor. Bishop Barley journey has been one of faithfulness and dedication while serving diligently for the Lord.

Bishop Barley has served as a Bible Teacher, Lecturer and Speaker for churches and ministries throughout the United States. Bishop Barley is married to Lady Minister Valerie Barley. They have one daughter, Jeanean Barley.

Bishop Barley retired from the Federal Government after thirty-six years of service. He has traveled extensively throughout the world having traveled to over ninety-eight countries on six continents.

Bishop Barley’s greatest desire is for the people of God to "earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints."

Lady Minister Valerie D. Barley

Lady Minister Valerie D. Barley serves as the President of the Women’s Department and Choir. She is a fervent Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ proclaim God’s word to all who are seeking a place of refuge in the time of a storm. As a Minister who stands firm on God’s powerful Word, she often uses demonstration in her sermons to illustrate her point(s).

Lady Barley is a mother to many children throughout the world. She has traveled and lived in over twenty-five countries. Everywhere she goes children are drawn to this kind and passionate woman of God. Her message is the same regardless of where she goes, that she "not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believes; to the Jews first, and also to the Greek. (Romans 1:16)"

As an example of a virtuous woman, she inspires others to change their lives by motivating them to seek the Lord while he may be found and committing their lives to the Lord regardless of their status in life.

I work closely in the ministry with my husband Bishop James Barley as we strive to continue doing the Will of the Lord. I accepted the call to Ministry, so as a team we could work together to build the Lord’s Kingdom and defeat the devil as we reclaim loss souls.

Lady Barley is the youngest child of eight siblings born to late Willie Shaw and the late Eleanor Smith. She was raised in Washington, DC. She is married to Bishop James A. Barley and has one daughter Jeanean Barley.

Lady Barley is a born-again believer who believes in the power of love. The one thing that she consistently stress to others, that God is love and we MUST love one another if we plan to go back with Him when He comes back for His church without spot or wrinkle.